We have been dealing with removals since 1845.
We do it with the professionalism that has
distinguished our company for more than a century.
Transports and removals are the beating heart of our historical
company, which saw the light in the first post-war period and
still lives on the trust that every day give us our loyal customers.



We provide local (in Campania), national and international moves, and sea freight services.

International moves and freight services.

A move is not just a simple transport but is achieved through the integration of a complex series of operations and services that only qualified and highly professional can guarantee.

Road, sea and air freight services

Road, Sea and air freight in import/export containers of all categories of merchandise for any
destination, including compulsory custom formalities and special packaging.

Logistics and Goods Distribution Services.

We offer large warehouses for the storage of goods, and one of the most modern merchandise management services for companies, small and large distributors.

Custody and Archive Management for Third Parties.

The custody and management of archives on behalf of third parties is today one of our primary services rendered to companies and organizations. We can offer tailored custody solutions, discover them all.

Special Packaging and shipment of Artwork.

Each box or cage is specially designed and produced by our carpentry department in order to
guarantee our customers a shipment in total safety.

Assistance and Customer Care.

Whatever your shipment is, we will be able to assist you in carrying out all the procedures
necessary for the correct customs clearance of your goods.


Industry leader since 1845.

If you are looking for a moving company in Naples that is reliable and meticulous in the assembly and disassembly of furniture, ensuring the integrity of the delivery, you can contact us for quick detailed information.
We try to stand out thanks to our proven experience. Our goal remains your satisfaction: you can check it by choosing us among other logistics companies in Campania and entrusting us with a job.
We can also be your point of reference for national and international shipments and sea freight services. You can imagine how delicate it is to organize every step of a move or shipment and that is why you must rely on a company that vaunts more than a century of experience in organizing all those operations that make the shipment safe. Trust our experience.

Rely on our expertise

We have a team of drivers in Campania who can be at your disposal for any need. We have carried out many moves within the city, as well as surrounding areas: moves from Rome to Naples, for example, represent a large portion of our requests due to the proximity of the two cities and the catchment area that both cities collect. If you are looking for a company able to cover extensively all the areas surrounding the city of Naples, please contact us. If you are interested in areas as Aversa, Pozzuoli, Casalnuovo, Giugliano, they are all covered daily by our trucks and our team.
In the city, on the other hand, we have a verified presence in the hilly area, especially in Vomero.

Siamo a tua completa disposizione per sviluppare delle offerte che possano venire incontro alla tua esigenza di spesa.
Fermo restando che la nostra professionalità debba essere gratificata, possiamo concordare con te un trasloco economico in base al numero di oggetti o mobili che devi trasportare. Chiedici un preventivo per saperne di più.

Per le scorte di magazzino di Aziende, piccoli e grandi distributori disponiamo di ampi magazzini destinati alla ricezione merci, stoccaggio e tutti i più moderni servizi di gestione delle merci. Contattaci per il nostro servizio di deposito mobili.

Se il tuo interesse è quello di conoscere la nostra offerta per i trasporti nazionali, non esitare a contattarci per prendere un appuntamento.
Dovremmo valutare tutti gli aspetti inerenti la distanza, il numero di mobili o di merce, il tipo di imballaggio e tanto altro ancora.
Ovviamente tutti questi aspetti riguardano anche il trasloco cittadino, ma sulle lunghe distanze ci sono più aspetti da considerare.


What can we do for you

We try to stand out thanks to our proven experience. Our goal remains your satisfaction

Why choose Franzosini Traslochi Napoli

We have been taking you everywhere for over a century.

ISO 9001 Certified Company

Franzosini, a company that has long been certified in quality with ISO 9001: 2000 Certificate, is part of the best National and International Category Associations.

Successful logistic business

Over time, starting from furniture housing, we have developed a successful business in logistics, warehousing and distribution of merchandise on national and international territory.

Efficiency and Reliability

For over 160 years we have been standing in a leading position in the above sectors, distinguishing ourselves for efficiency and reliability grounded on a centenary experience .

Wide range of services

Within the Macro Divisions it is possible to find a wide range of additional services aimed at meeting the most different customer needs.



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